Removing water stains from Wood Laminate Flooring

The best thing about laminate flooring is that it allows the homeowners get that hardwood-floor look without paying higher hardwood-floor prices. Although it looks very much similar to real wood, in actual, it is fibreboard infused with resin that’s screen-printed to look like wood. A layer of aluminium oxide is done over the laminate to help protect it from wear and tear. Many times water stains develop on wood laminates in case you don’t clean them properly. If this happens to you, this article will tell you how to deal with those water stains on wood laminates.

Take a gallon of distilled water in a bucket and mix a cup of white vinegar in it. Vinegar helps to remove the film left by other cleaning products. On the other hand, distilled water helps in cleaning mineral deposits that could be left on the floor due to hard water.

Now mop the water stains with the vinegar and distilled water. Make sure you don’t use a sopping wet mop as it adds to the water stain problem. If your floor has water stains all over, mop a small section at a time only. Now mop the stain again with plain water. Always remember that your mop should be damp, not dripping. Wipe the affected area with a soft cloth. A little elbow grease would help you remove the stain further.

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Use a wood laminate cleaner. If the vinegar-distilled water mixture still hasn’t done its task, use some wood-laminate cleaner to a soft cloth. Rub the stains with the cloth until the stains get disappeared. So, next time when you try to clean up the stains from your wood laminates flooring, use the above method and make your floor appear new every time.

Wood laminates combine a thin layer of real wood such as oak or maple and glue that onto a plywood base for increased strength. The reason why wood laminates cost lower than real wood is the fact that only top layer is real wood. The best thing about wood laminates and metal laminates is that they are easy to install and perfect for do-it-yourself homeowners. Qualities like snap together and glue less installation make it a quick and easy way to give a new feel to an old room. Due to its scratch resistant and fade resistant properties, laminate wood flooring is less exposed to damage and easier to clean.

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